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1950 Zippo Mueller Lumber, Davenport, Iowa
1955 Seale Aviation Co. Love Field, Texas
1955 Silver Filled Slim Zippo with Cobra Head Insert In Dennison Box with Sleeve
1957 Zippo Slim Sterling Sliver Cities Service
1958 Slim Zippo Georgian Press
1958 Slim Zippo Superior Die Sets Milwaukee, WI
1959 Slim Zippo Overmeyer Mold Co. With Coke Bottle.
1959 Zippo 10k Gold Filled Flower
1959 Zippo Slim Town & Country Linden NJ Airport
1960 Zippo General Electric Bloomington, IL
1960 Zippo Kwik-Way with Decimal Conversion Chart
1960 Zippo Meredith-Roane, Annapolis, MD
1960 Zippo Morrell Meats
1960 Zippo Overton Container Wilson, NC and Andrews, SC
1960 Zippo Yale
1960's Zippo 10k Gold Filled L&M Tobacco
1960's Zippo Barcroft with Town & Country Advertising for Humble Oil
1960's Zippo Schlitz Beer
1961 Slim Zippo Fowler Dick & Walker Boston Store,  Wilkes-Barre, PA
1962 Canadian Slim Zippo Dofasco Steel in Rare Box
1962 Paul Hajdu Experimental Photo Zippo with Image of Pennhills Country Club in Bradford..JPG
1962 Slim Zippo Side Advertising Bradley Sun
1962 Zippo Navy Task Group Joint Task Force 8. This group conducted the Operation Dominic Nuclear tests in the Pacific
1962 Zippo Slim Bob Minton Zippo Salesman, Cranford, NJ